Mauritius 2010 SAPOA Soccer Golden Minisheet

mauritius-sapoa-sheetSince the launch of the SAPOA 2010 Fifa World Cup golden stamp sheet the issue that have become the scarcest of them all is definitely the Mauritius sheet.

As of today, I can find almost none of the sheets available for sale online. There is one listed on a South African auction site for ZAR1200 (about $120). On Ebay I can find only one recent sale with a best offer accepted after an original listing price of around $70.

At the moment it is still very difficult to determine the correct price to buy this sheet at.

According to my records only 5000 of these Mauritius SAPOA sheets were issued. That will make them scarce for a soccer issue. What is interesting though is that according to my records only 3000 Zambia SAPOA soccer she.ets were issued and they are available in the market at much lower prices. Might me a good buy…

Let me know if you have any more information about these issues.

Update 06 January 2013

  • I managed to source one of these Mauritius 2010 SAPOA soccer sheets and have put in on an Ebay auction starting at a crazy 1c. Let’s see what the market thinks about the current value. Here’s the link to the auction.
  • Another user has listed one sheet on Ebay at a fixed price of $150

Update 12 January 2013

  • My Mauritius 2010 SAPOA sheet that started on a 1c auction sold to a buyer in Japan for $85.
  • I have listed another sheet at a fixed price of $150. This basically just covers the best price i can source the sheet at the moment.

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