How to get your stamps valued?

How to get your stamps valued?

I am receiving several email requests from people enquiring about the value of certain stamps, old covers or stamp collections. I have therefore decided to write a short article with some general guidance on this topic.

First of all I would like to request you to use the stamp forum on this site rather than sending me an email through the contact form. Post a scan or good quality photo of your items with any additional information you may have. I will try to assist as soon as possible but you also have the benefit that other collectors may look at your items and help with the identification and valuation.

If you have bulky collections where it is not realistic to scan or take photos, the only other option is to take your collection to a stamp dealer that will be able to assist. Another option is to only provide a scan or photo of the oldest stamps; these will most likely be the most valuable.

South African Residents:

For South Africans, I’d propose contacting a stamp dealer registered with the South African Philatelic Dealers Association. Their website is and you can find a full member list with contact details there. The dealer list is also available at

I’d also strongly recommend you visit a stamp fair. These are held weekly/monthly throughout South Africa and details can also be found on SAPDA’s website under the “Events” tab. Here you have the opportunity to meet several stamp dealers and they may provide a quick valuation or point out some possible valuable items in your collection. You can also quickly get a second opinion and get good advice on how to proceed if you are interested in selling your stamps.

International Residents:

 I’d suggest trying to find out if there is a stamp association or federation in your home country and contact one of the dealer members.

If you have already identified your items, you can always search for similar items on Ebay and see what they are priced at.

To summarize:

 - Post scans or images of your stamps or collections in the stamp forum and other collectors will try to assist with the identification and/or valuation.

 - Contact a registered stamp dealer in your country of residence of visit a stamp fair or show.

  – Be prepared for disappointment, it’s possible that you have a huge collection but it only contains common, low-value stamps.

  -  Please post in the forum if you have any questions or need further advice.