1948 Royal Silver Wedding Cinderella Stamps

I’m just sharing a scan of my 1948 Royal Silver Wedding Cinderella Stamps that I bought on Ebay a few years ago. I can find no information on these stamps and would love to hear from you if you know anything about them, e.g. who printed them, why, how many were made, and do they hold any value at all? 1948 Royal Silver Wedding Cinderella Stamps I have Cinderella high value stamps for 11 (fictional) countries and only 1 low value for “British Arctic Territory”. The 11 countries are:

  • Howduyustan
  • Barclay Islands
  • King William Land
  • Sealand
  • Principality of Hutt River
  • St. Gregory
  • Prince Patric Island
  • Zangaro
  • Zamunda
  • Lundy
  • British Arctic Territory

I also have a blocks of 4 of Sealand, King William Land, British Arctic Territory (low value block) and a block of 4 containing the  different high value stamps of Zamunda (x2 in opposite corners), Zangaro and St. Gregory. Please contact me if you can share any information on these stamps.


  1. Are any of these RSW Cinderellas for sale?

    David Horry

    • Hi David, contact me using the contact page on this website, I have a few singles that I may consider to sell.

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